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Wireless Microphone Frequencies in New Zealand

Radio Microphone Frequencies Chart – New Zealand (valid from March 2015)

With constant changes in wireless technology, the demand for use of available radio frequency spectrum means a greater number of users needing access to this limited resource. The looming rollout of high speed 5g wireless broadband means an even further leveraging of the airwaves.

The restructuring of the “general use license” band made available for Radio Microphone users in New Zealand declared 698 and 806Mhz unavailable after March 11th 2015, causing a costly upgrade/transfer of existing systems. Skeptics are not convinced there won’t be called for further restrictions in coming years.

At present wireless microphones are required to operate on frequencies from 510-606 MHz and 622-698 MHz shared with some digital Television services. The Band crossing in between 606-622 Mhz has been reserved for Maori TV broadcasts.

Rubber Monkey is one of New Zealand’s largest resellers of wireless microphone systems for the Film and Television industry. We have systems available in both available bands. In most cases, the decision to purchase a system will depend on a number of factors.

We recommend contacting one of our salespeople to discuss your particular requirements.


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