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Microphone Stands & Accessories

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar… You’ve bought the perfect microphone and all you need now is a stand for it. The only problem is you can’t decide which microphone stand to buy or what accessories you need. There are too many designs and types out there. If your hand is raised, you’ve come to the right place!

Our goal with this buyer’s guide is to get you familiarized with each microphone stand type and accessories. Each one is unique in its usage and is therefore suitable for different people and different jobs. We guarantee that once you reach the end of this guide, you will have enough knowledge to make an informed decision on which stands and accessories will best suit your specific needs. 

Microphone Stands

Tripod stand 

The Tripod Stand is the most common choice when picking a microphone stand and is designed for general purpose use. With Tripod Stands, three legs make up the base as you would see on a camera tripod. It is best suited for those who will want to stand while using it. This could include singers or hosts and is not intended for individuals who will be playing an instrument. This is because the stand can only be adjusted vertically. These stands tend to be more stable with the support of the tripod legs. This means they don’t tend to fall over.

If you’re after a tripod stand, we recommend the one by K&M. It features an all-metal, steel construction with a die-cast foundation, making it a stable stand for both studio and stage use. It also has long folding legs and has a two-piece folding design for effortless transport and compact storage. 

Round Base Stand 

The Round Base Stand has a base made from metal or plastic and is ideal for singers or hosts for the reason mentioned above, as it can only be adjusted vertically. They also use less floor space and are harder to trip over than the Tripod Stands with fold-out legs.

If you’re after an affordable and sturdy but high-quality Round Base Stand, we recommend the Gravity GMS23. It has thick-walled tubing, a heavy-duty round base made of cast iron. This helps to provide acoustic isolation and it has a clutch adjustable height.

Tripod Boom Stand 

The Tripod Boom Stand is similar to the standard Tripod Stand but has an arm attached. This offers a longer reach and can be adjusted to any angle. This kind of stand is the best choice for when you have varying heights or need to place a mic over or around an object that would otherwise interfere with a standard Straight Stand.

If you’re after an affordable Tripod Boom Stand, then we suggest the Samson MK10. This lightweight collapsible Tripod Boom Stand folds up easily for transport, features a steel-constructed design for durability and comes with a standard mic clip. 

Low Profile Stand 

Low Profile Mic Stands are the same as the Tripod Boom Mic Stand just smaller in height. Designed to place microphones near objects that need a lower recording position. This could include drums, guitar cabinets and other low-to-the-ground instruments. The Tripod Boom Stand is adjustable but the height range is smaller compared to the other mic stands.

We recommend the K&M Low Profile Mic Stand as it has a 2-piece telescopic boom design and users will enjoy the small size which is perfect for live miking situations. It also means if your using a smaller room to record, this stand won’t be knocked over as easily and is rather stable due to its weight.

Tabletop Stand 

Tabletop Mic Stands are as the name suggests, a microphone stand that can be used and attached to a table while recording. These stands are smaller than the other stands mentioned and are ideal for workers in a studio, office or from home. 

An affordable option for a tabletop stand that we recommend is the one by Gravity. It is made of a heavy yet compact die-cast base which gives it stability. It also has a thick rubber covering the whole base, isolating it from the table which helps to reduce unwanted noise. 

Articulating Arms

An articulating arm is a type of microphone stand that can be moved around easily with the help of its mechanical arm. The appeal to these stands is that they free up a lot of space on your desk. Add that to perfect mic placements, it’s no wonder why they are in such high demand. From singers, podcasters to gamers and home studio recorders, an articulating arm is useful for just about anyone.

For any Youtubers, podcasters or radio hosts, we recommend this affordable one by Tascam. The TM-AM2 Radio-Style Adjustable Microphone Arm is a high-quality arm microphone that can be easily mounted to virtually any workspace. The folding boom arm makes it easy to position your mic in the perfect orientation. 

Microphone Stand Accessories 

Pop Filters

A pop filter is a type of mount that provides noise protection for microphones. It typically reduces, and sometimes entirely eliminates, popping sounds. The sounds created by the fast-moving air — from the mouth of the speaker — that hits the microphone. So if you plan on placing the microphone right near your mouth, a pop filter will record the best quality. A pop filter is ideal for recording studios, which includes podcasters, singers, voiceover artists, and more.

An affordable pop filter we suggest is the Tascam TM-AG1. It helps to achieve cleaner vocal recordings and features a nylon screen with side air vents. It comes with a gooseneck clamp that can be easily attached to most microphone stands. The gooseneck clamp’s flexible and can move in a variety of positions.


If your planning on using your microphone outside, then you should buy some wind protection. We recommend using windscreen covers that you can get in either fur or foam to fit onto your mic. Both work well, as they reduce noises of wind, pops, ticks, and unwanted breath without affecting the sound quality. There are many to choose from depending on the type of microphone you have, so have a look here if we stock one that best suits yours.

Mic Stand Tray 

While performing or recording, if you’re using a tablet, sheet music, or other gadgets, then you may need something to put them on. A microphone stand tray is a perfect option with the simplicity of being attached to almost all microphone stands. We recommend the one by Gravity as it gives you 360 degrees of freedom for tilting and rotating to exactly position it to where you need it to be. 

Shock Mounts

A shock mount, also known as an isolation mount, is used for preventing the microphone from shaking, which as a result prevents sound cutting. The mount holds and isolates a microphone, shielding it from ‘shock’, as the name suggests. Whether you’re a singer, podcaster or businessman who has online meetings, you will need a shock mount if you tend to move your mic around.

We recommend the AKG H85 Spider Suspension Shock Mount as it fits a variety of different mics with a shaft diameter from 19mm to 26mm. It securely locks in the microphone for use in upright, upside down, sideways and multi-angle purposes. There are many different shock mounts suited for various microphones so have a look here if we stock one for your particular microphone. 

Ceiling Mounts

If you want to capture the sound of speech from above, a ceiling mount is exactly what you need. Ceiling mounts are perfect for recording business meetings and looking back on what was discussed. Once installed correctly, they can provide proper room coverage, easily able to pick up all voices in a room. For companies with audio quality as their top priority, a ceiling mount along with a hanging microphone is a great investment.

We recommend the Audio-Technica ES945 Ceiling Mic because it’s the ideal solution for huddle rooms, conference rooms, and all other meeting spaces. It a modern pendant design that suspends from the ceiling and is unobtrusive. This particular mount doesn’t add to table clutter and there is much less potential for the ambient sound from a table to be picked up by this ceiling mic.

With everything you’ve learned from this guide, you’re now ready to select a stand and accessories that are just the right fit for you. At Rubber Monkey, we offer first-rate microphone stands and mounts that are worth every cent. So if the quality is your main concern, treat yourself to our finest collection.

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