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New Laowa Proteus Anamorphic Lenses

Introducing Laowa Proteus - with the optimized level of optical capability to support professional anamorphic productions.

It is a series of anamorphic lenses with a constant 2X squeeze ratio. Built with reliable anamorphic glass and robust composition, the Proteus is a modern piece of art to deliver a vintage anamorphic look and unique character.

4 focal lengths35mm T2, 45mm T2, 60mm T2 and 85mm T2

3 Flares - Amber, Blue & Silver

2 Mounts - The lens is defaulted with a PL mount and supplied with a Canon EF bayonet.

2 Scales - Meters, Feet

Key Features:

  • Patented anamorphic design

  • 2X constant squeeze ratio

  • T2 Large Aperture

  • Outstanding sharpness

  • Close-focusing distance

  • Pleasant oval bokeh

  • Amber, blue & silver flare colors

  • Low Focus-breathing

  • User-friendly cine housing

  • full-frame coverage with 1.4X extender

Laowa Proteus is comprised of anamorphic and spherical blocks, delivering modern image sharpness and vintage anamorphic characteristics including elliptical bokeh and signature flares at the same time. Both anamorphic and spherical blocks are fixed, a front variable spherical glass is added to achieve focus. Similar optical design is used in Vantage Hawks, Cooke Anamorphic and Atlas Orion.

With a 2X squeeze ratio, you will have a 2.66:1 on a 4:3 sensor and a 2.4:1 on a 6:5 sensor after de-squeeze. It provides room for cropping to a golden 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

Having a s35+ sensor coverage, Laowa Proteus supports the Alexa 35 sensor in 2.39:1 ratio and Red V-Raptor sensor in 7K 6:5 ANA. With 1.4X full frame expander, Proteus can cover full frame sensor with astonishing sharpness and image quality.

Featuring a T2 aperture, the fast aperture supports filmmakers to shoot in low-light conditions. It also creates a shallow depth of field with waterfall-like focus roll-off.

Impressive sharpness and contrast at wide-open, Laowa Proteus Series satisfies demanding film production requirements. Able to focus at a min. distance of 55cm (21.6 inches) away from the object, creating sharp close-up cinematic scenes at ease.

Elliptical bokeh is produced in the out-of-focus area, which is a signature anamorphic character for the strong cinematic look. The bokeh in 2X squeeze ratio is prominently thinner and longer.

Provides classic sci-fi blue, warm and elegant amber and neutral silver flare color options.

The flare of silver version will change colors according to the light source. DPs can choose the flare colors to set the right tone for the vibe of the scenes. Flare colors are indicated on each lens body under the focal length.

User-friendly Cine Housing:

  • 0.8 mod gear

  • Back focus adjustment

  • Available for metric or imperial scales

  • Ø 105mm filter thread for more light entering

  • Ø 114mm outer diameter

  • Unified gear position

  • 300° focus throw

  • Lens support


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