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"POP" Teaser Trailer by Tim Hamilton

This week we’re featuring local Wellington legend Tim Hamilton, as he announces the upcoming release of his feature film ‘POP’ a “true and untrue story” starring Tim Hamilton, Gene Yus, and a Balloon.

We were on track to make an indie feature about an influencer venturing across New Zealand to find and switch back on the internet - until we got robbed by a bunch of 12 years old while on location. They filmed it all. And left the footage, we mean, evidence, at the scene. From here, the film took on a life of its own. What emerged is a masterpiece exploring the essence of creative pursuit and its outcomes.

What many people love about my work is that the films have a handmade feel with extravagant sets built on an almost nothing budget. I've built cranes that lift people above my roof, I've built a full scale tank, a submarine, explosives and flying foxes yet remarkably haven't injured anyone other than myself. During the pandemic, I self-funded short films that won awards at Rode Reel, Tiktok's Cannes category, LA International Film Festival, NASA's CineSpace Festival, including being the most nominated team ever in the 48hour film festival.

This production is my first feature length film. Supported by producer Cathasaigh Ó Fiannachta, director/writer/producer of Hang Time (Getting Toasted), we see a path for independent filmmakers in New Zealand with international potential.

This film is still in the edit stages and we are already gathering interest from overseas buyers. It is thanks to the continued support of Rubber Monkey that we've been able to achieve such a feat. We used Ozen Tripods, Zhiyun Gimbals, Saramonic Microphones and FXLion V-Lock Batterys. The camera set-up is a Lumix bgh1 smothered in small rig accessories with Sirui Anamorphic and Artisan lenses.


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