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Top 5 Tripods for Spotting Scopes & Binoculars

One of the most important yet overlooked tools in your optics kit is a tripod. Ideally something sturdy, lightweight and reliable. There are a lot of things to factor in when choosing a tripod, but the main things to look for are stability, material and height.

Here are a list of some of our recommended Tripods for your next glassing venture.

This Tripod is sturdy and durable, with individually adjustable aluminum legs, a three-way Pan and Tilt Head, and a large mounting platform, it's capable of holding up to almost 5kg and has a maximum height of 160cm.

Other notable features include padded leg cushions, rubber feet, a sliding center column with tension control, and a rugged corrosion-resistant finish. The head mount and leg adjustments are not quick release but can be adjusted to your needs, and if you don't intend on moving it around a lot, it's not a big issue.


  • Under $500

  • Individually adjustable legs

  • Heavy load capacity

  • Lightweight (1.5kg)


  • No level bubble

  • No quick release

BOGgear Deathgrip Clamping Shooting Tripod (Aluminum or Carbon Fiber)

Purpose built to be the most stable Tripod for it's price point, the BOGgear Deathgrip comes in either Aluminum, which is unmatched in durability; or Carbon Fiber which reduces overall weight, without sacrificing stability.

These Tripods feature a Tension Adjustment Clamping Head that doesn't leave a mark, a 360° Swivel Head, and a max of 182cm in height.


  • Tension Adjustable Head Movement

  • All Terrain Rubber Feet

  • Under $500 (Aluminum Model)


  • Higher Price Tag (Carbon Fiber)

This Tripod is compact and portable while remaining sturdy and extremely easy to set up. Each leg is individually extendable and can reach a maximum height of 160cm.

It can hold up to 7kg and features a quick power lock, which allows you to lock and unlock each section instantly. This Tripod has a wide range of adjustment and an excellent balance of weight, performance, and price.


  • Under $500

  • Superb Payload Capacity

  • Extremely wide range of adjustment

  • Excellent balance of weight, performance, and price

This tripod is made out of 100% carbon fiber, which increases the stability of the four-section legs and helps them absorb vibration in any condition. It also includes four different leg angles that can adapt to any terrain efficiently.

Also included is a built-in rotating bubble level along with leg angle selectors, a 90-degree center column which is accessible when you need it to be, and a unique Quick Power Lock. You can also set this tripod down to the ground to get a new lower angle.


  • Rotating Bubble Level

  • Leg Angle Selection

  • Comes with four leg angles that can adapt to any terrain

  • Quick Power Lock System

  • 90-degree Center Column

  • Supports up to 7kg


  • Higher Price Tag

This Tripod has the highest payload capacity, holding up to 9kg. It has outstanding rigidity and is incredibly lightweight, while having a maximum height of 170cm.

This tripod also features a Quick Power lock system, leg angle selectors, a 90-degree Center Column and weighs only 2kg. If you're looking for something sturdy yet easily portable, this tripod is one of he best under $1000.


  • Highest Payload Capacity

  • Wide Adjustment Range

  • Leg Angle Selection

  • Lightweight and Portable


  • Higher Price Tag


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