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Top 5 Products For Beginner Electric Guitarists

When it comes to learning the guitar, there are various different products and accessories that you will need to begin. To keep things easy, we have compiled our top essential products and accessories for all beginner guitar players. 

There are many different types and styles of electric guitars that all have different strengths, but here is a good starting point for beginners.

There are two main types, Single Coils and Humbuckers. Single coils are generally considered to be a ‘vintage’ sound; bright and crisp! A humbucker, as the name would suggest, removes the pesky hum associated with the electric guitar, and generally has a thicker, warmer and fuller sound. A SuperStrat uses a combination of Single Coil and Humbuckers to create an instrument that is extremely diverse in terms of the styles and genres it can achieve, whereas the Humbucker knows what it wants to do and does it well!

Superstrat or HSS-Style

The Cort G110-CGN has two Single Coil pickups and one Humbucking pickup, along with a 5-way pickup selector switch, dual-tone controls, and volume control, making this guitar very versatile. The ability to produce both clean, spangly tones using the single-coil pickups and heavier, thicker tones using the humbucker allows a new player to experiment and find what kind of tones and timbres they like.

Double Humbucker or HH-Style

The Cort X100 is a great starting point for any guitarist that wants to do away with playing with tone controls and focus on playing heavier rock music. With two humbucking pickups, a 3-way pickup selector switch, and a Tremolo bridge, it is perfect for big, rich chord playing, riffing, or playing ripping solos.  

Learning to tune a guitar is one of the first challenges beginner’s face when learning to play. That’s why having a good tuning device is essential for any guitarist’s setup. Being in tune is the best and first way to sound good and to avoid unnecessary frustration while you practice.

A tuner pedal makes a good starting point for a guitarist that wants to fall down the effects pedals rabbit hole. Going in-between your guitar and your amplifier, you can always leave it on and keep an eye on your tuning as you play. 

We recommend the Korg Pedal Tuner as it can be powered by an optional 9v power supply, or by a single 9v battery which is handy. Bear in mind, every time you add a pedal to your guitar rig, you will need to add an extra cable so you can keep everything connected! 

An alternative to a foot pedal tuner is the Korg Tuner Clip that clips to the headstock of your guitar and uses vibration to help tune your strings. It is a little less accurate than a pedal but removes the need for extra cables and unwanted clutter on the floor + it is quite a bit cheaper! 

If you want to play your guitar out loud you will need an amplifier! Much like choosing a guitar, there are endless choices for amps that suit different genres and playing styles. These are a few options for places to start.

The Vox AV30 is a great amp for new players. It has a Tube Preamp and Power Amp, 8 different preamp styles (Clean, Crunch, OverDrive, High Gain, etc), and 3 built-in digital Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects. Built-in effects are a great cost-effective way to try out some of the staples in guitar tone. It also has a full-sized 10” speaker, with up to 30 Watts of power ( providing plenty of volume for playing in a bedroom or practice space). 

Headphone amplifiers are great for those situations where you can’t play outside and would rather practice with headphones on. Vox makes a range of great headphone amplifiers that are modelled after some of their best-selling amplifiers. This is a good, cheaper alternative to buying a full amplifier, or if you want to be able to practice on the go.

These are all of the extra little things that you might forget about when you are buying your first guitar. They are nonetheless important.

If you are going to play out loud, you will need a good instrument cable. I prefer a cable with one right-angled and one straight, but you can find various combinations. Remember that if you are going to use a tuner pedal you will need two cables! 

Most guitarists play with picks. They come in various shapes and sizes, so buying a variety pack like this gives you a chance to find out what you prefer.

Whilst guitars often come with a set of strings already installed, they can be a bit worse for wear after travelling around the world from the factory! We always recommend installing a new set when you get your new guitar. Furthermore, strings do wear out over time. With regular playing, it is recommended that you change your strings every few months to keep that nice crisp tone! These strings by Ernie Ball are a great place to start. 

Need help installing your guitar strings? Click here for a guide on how to set them up. 

A String or Tuning Peg Winder can make changing your strings a lot easier and is much more comfortable on your hands than having to turn the tuning peg with your fingers. This one from Ernie Ball is great as it allows for fast and easy string installation. 

A strap is not essential to starting out, but you will need one if you want to play standing up. There are many colours to choose from. Have a browse!

5. Stands & Bags

The last thing to think about is where your guitar is going to live when you aren’t playing it. Whether it be on a stand, on the wall in a bag, there are many options to choose from. 

A floor stand is a great way to keep your guitar upright and out of the way. It has also been proven that a guitar that you can just pick up is more likely to be played than a guitar that is stored away in a case. Build good practice habits now! We suggest this one from Gravity Solo.

Not only is a wall hook a great way to keep your guitar out of harm’s way, but it also looks really cool! Be sure to mount this in a secure place on your wall and avoid mounting it somewhere where your guitar will be in direct sunlight for any prolonged amount of time. We recommend this one from K&M

A bag is a great way to keep your guitar covered and free from dust for those days you’re not using it. This soft one from SKB is not as sturdy as a hard case, but it will help prevent dings and scratches and is much lighter and cheaper too. It’s also a practical way of transporting your guitar. If you are wanting to spend a little more money on a hard case, this one from SKB is a great choice.


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