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The SmallRig Rigging Challenge

How fast can you build your camera rig? Put your skills to the test and be in to win a $500 SmallRig voucher with the SmallRig Rigging Challenge.



  1. Check you have all the required SmallRig parts to enter, you can click here. to view the activity kit guide.

  2. Film a one take video of you putting your kit together as fast as you can, you can use your phone as a timer to record your score. (You can speed your video up but cannot cut during the rig building process.)

  3. Share your video on Social Media with the hashtags #SmallRig #RiggingChallenge and submit it HERE

Check out Oscar's attempt at the challenge below!

Different brands of camera (Lumix, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Blackmagic) will be entered and judged within their own specific category.

Judging Criteria: The fastest wins!

SmallRig's Terms & Conditions

1. The entry must be an original work and the contestant owns complete copyright. The contestant must follow all the rules and regulations of the contest and cooperate with the corresponding activities of the contest; a team or individual can only submit one work.

2. Participants must follow all the rules and regulations of the contest, and the committee has the right to disqualify the participants when the rules and regulations violated.

3. If any entries cannot be published, please inform and indicate in advance when submitting the work, otherwise it is deemed to agree to authorize the organizer of this contest to use the works for commercial purposes without paying other fees.

4. The organizer has the right to unilaterally postpone or cancel some or all of the activities of the contest due to emergency, other reasons beyond the control of the organizer, affecting the management, safety, judgment, or fairness of the competition.

5. The organizer reserves the right to further supplement these rules. If contestants have objections, they can withdraw from the contest and notify the organizer in time. However, they have no right to ask the organizer to return any self-incurred expenses due to the participation.

6. The organizer does not legally responsible for disputes that arise from the materials and works participating in the contest including but not limited to portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, copyright rights, trademark rights etc.

7. The final interpretation of the above activities belongs to SmallRig.


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